Saturday, February 20, 2016

3AM Prayer

most loving creator
mother and father
ultimate consciousness
utmost reality
divine mystery
I beg you

guide me
your child
in service to lovingkindness
make me a doer of righteous truth
an actor of spirit into flesh
walking in the world
embodying your vast unknown

I am on my knees
desperate for your grace
all about me is suffering
poisoned water
air from incinerators
our bloodstreams soaked in lead

all about me the cronies
stealing the earth’s bounty
hoarding and selling
only the highest bidders
protected from the ravage

where do we go, dear god
with those seeking shelter?
with those who need safe haven
a way out of intergenerational trauma

my light is dim
my candle is small
no fuel for a torch
I am barely hanging on
I cannot save anyone

and yet
I am only steps from resources
layers and layers of privilege
I cannot shed if I wanted to

protect my children
from damaged souls seeking redemption
at risk of dependence on their kindness and beauty
merciful protector
shield them from all harm
from the forces of desperation
from those who would suck them dry
and deceive them

money seeks its level
it flows toward the hungry
while the wealthy build dams
to shore it up

everyone wants the same thing
but on the wealthy it’s grotesque
and on the poor it’s desperation

help me find the place for reconciliation
for correcting imbalance
for intergenerational reparations

teach me how to be the crux
and everyone like me
living at the crossroads
instead of escaping into the protective folds
of the middle class

grace flows like water
money needs to move
love seeks healing

where am I in this?
how can I be a channel for repairing harm
restoring justice
transforming abuse into fierce lovingkindness

how do I stand up to exploiters
and intruders?
how do I guard and protect
with an open heart and open arms?

where is divine transformative justice
in my broken body?
help me to heal
unbound and free
no obligations but only truth

may reality ring
may reality itself heal
may I be a presence of truth
vibrating at the level of ultimate reality

may we be miracles for each other
revealing the wounds that need to be healed
providing the perfect medicine
for each of us in our imperfections
striving and opening to grace

may it be so

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