Friday, July 8, 2016

Notes on Healing: What I Know So Far

when we dare to step fully into our bodies and open up parts of ourselves—our chakras, our organs, the systems of the body, the mind, and breath—we open up our capacities to respond and heal
we open up truths and wisdom within ourselves
the body is part of the unconscious mind and can be called forth into the conscious mind
each part of the body has a message, and is speaking to our conscious mind

put our karmendriyas—organs of action—to work in service of our wounds
the parts of ourselves that are suffering
the parts of our communities that are hurting most
as you tend to the community of the body, you tend to the greater community, our city, and our society

what parts of yourself are neglected, abused, misunderstood, marginalized?
what parts of yourself have been violated, colonized, disempowered?
ask yourself how you can recover, reclaim, and heal those parts of yourself
listen quietly for the answers certain to come

we are microcosms of the macrocosms
whatever you do for yourself will ripple outward into the community
showing up for yourself gives space for others to show up for themselves
one of the most effective and radical things you can do is practice self-love by practicing self-care

the body is both a site of trauma and a site of healing
a place of hurt and a place of recovery from hurt
the body is designed to heal, when properly supported

rest is one of the main ways we can support our bodies in healing
the breath is a constant presence, a doorway, and a tool for healing
giving attention is a form of love, and can be enough to begin the cascade of healing

cultivate a space inside which is eternal and infinite
we are embodied beings living in the particularity of time and place, and thus, culture
as we know, certain embodiments are far more vulnerable and prone to harm than others
we must vow to protect each other
we must vow to put our bodies on the line for each other
we do this by making ourselves both strong and supple as possible
able to withstand the storm and flexible enough to move with the wind