Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another Prayer for Grace

body only knows truth
body seeks its level
body speaks

I am plant self
animal self
and human self

I am leaves and stems
hunter and gatherer
creator and healer

making space
for all that arises
I lean in and feel the weight of living
the earth presses on me
I have no choice but to succumb
to soften and widen and release my grip

other times I let myself
be lifted
following the path agitation carves
like the current of a strong river
I become a raft
surging and traveling

I listen to the wisdom of gravity
trust the laws of levity
everything in the realm of the body
ushers me to the experience of truth

I make space for dis-ease
as the language of my body
accept the threshold of fire
the hurricane of transformation
let knowledge bubble through me

may my words emerge from this knowing
may my hands shape reality
may my feet carry me where I must go
may my arms embrace what needs holding
may my heart grow more courageous
may I withstand the storm
may I be held in grace

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