Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Chakra Meditation for the Hardest of Times

[I started doing this meditation in my classes right before the 2016 election. It became even more essential after the election.]

right hand on lower abdomen:
may i be grounded
may i be held by the earth

may i be connected to my ancestors

may i have deep roots

left hand on navel:
may i be safe
may i be protected from harm
may i feel secure in all circumstances
may i be sheltered and nourished

right hand on upper abdomen:
may i be recognized
may i be seen
may i be my fullest self
may i know who i am

left hand on chest:
may i be loved
may i give and receive love abundantly
may i be filled with compassion and courage
may i be a source and receptacle for unconditional love

right hand at base of throat:
may i speak my truth
may i express myself
may i not silence myself
may i use the full range of my voice

left hand on forehead:
may i see clearly
may i see beyond the visible
may i open to intuition
may i trust my vision

right hand on crown of head:
may i open to spirit
may i connect to higher source
may i receive wisdom
may the infinite in me be part of the whole

1 comment:

Shelly Roder said...

Peggy, thanks for this, I have absolutely needed this after the election. Could we please use it at a prayer vigil for immigrant justice tonight? Thanks! Hugs from MKE.