Sunday, November 22, 2015


my lips taste like fermented cod liver oil
my molars are nubs after a half century of daily use 
my outer eyes crease to match my smile lines

my armpits are moist with night sweats
my menopausal bald spot opens to cosmic wisdom 

my nipples sag with a job well done
my uterus is a bare deciduous tree

my jowls sag in sirsasana
my inner thighs wrinkle in sarvangasana
my ashy knees complement my ashy elbows

each year I require more antioxidants
each year urdhva dhanurasana becomes more difficult 

each year invites more self-love

watch me fall asleep during the group sit 
watch me 6-step alone in my bedroom 
watch me give away all my books 
hoarded and held sacred for too long

call me out for my ignorance
call me out for my attachments
call me out for the ways I have failed to evolve

watch me gray and bald and sag 
watch me embrace every good fight 
watch me balance on my hands and fall

believe me when I tell you
I have not yet peaked 

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