Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 Statement of Purpose

Arriving in a new time and place, here is my updated, hope-to-be annual Statement of Purpose. I am consciously renouncing language that evokes empire, militarism, and religious oppression, so I choose to refrain from calling this a “mission statement.” I hope this statement will encourage others to contemplate and write out their own purpose statements. Please share, so that we can inspire each other, and compassionately hold each other accountable.

2013 Statement of Purpose:
I am here on the planet, and in this city, to heal myself on every level, so that I can be a healing presence for others. I am here to participate in the healing of my ancestors, my progeny, and members of my communities, as well as communities themselves. I am here to be student, teacher, and collaborator in the process of healing.

In order to fulfill this purpose, my goals are:

1.     To creatively and relentlessly resist and speak out against oppressive structures, while focusing primarily on building self-determined communities. I commit to spending 90% of my time and energy on building healthy communities free from exploitation and oppression, and 10% of my time and energy on creative resistance.

2.     To live increasingly independent of governments, societies and livelihoods based on exploitation and oppression of the earth and its people, especially people of color.

3.     To live increasingly in voluntary simplicity, reducing personal possessions and use of earthly resources, while cultivating a sense of inner abundance.

4.     To cultivate clarity of consciousness and continually increase my capacity for loving kindness through inner work including yoga, meditation, and the arts.

5.     To live cooperatively with people of color and allies committed to healing themselves and their communities, sharing resources, inspiration, and healing practices. These resources may include time, energy, space, food, vehicles, skills, information, and life experience.

6.     To strengthen cooperative communities by practicing clear, compassionate communication through deep listening and conversation, and frameworks such as Nonviolent Communication, Circle work, Clearness Committees, and more.

7.     To embrace celibacy as a spiritual path. Instead of partnership and sexual relations, I choose to channel my energy toward healing in the wider community. Meanwhile, I actively support other expressions of non-heteronormative sexuality.
8.     To recognize and maximize my gifts and the gifts of others, directing them toward uplifting community.  I commit to freely sharing my gifts, and to encourage others to do the same, trusting that giving and receiving are the basis of healthy community.

9.     While working for the healing of the wider community, to be the best mother I am capable of being, the best friend I am capable of being, the best neighbor, housemate, student, teacher, mentor, etc. I am capable of being. I understand that as inner work provides the foundation for outer work, my personal relationships provide the foundation for relating to the wider community.

10.  To place learning as a higher priority than teaching, and to continually be open to new lessons, and the challenge of new experiences and new perspectives. I commit to honoring the voice of truth within me, and speaking from that voice, while humbly recognizing that truth is multi-faceted. I commit to regarding everyone I encounter as my teacher.


Gail Grenier said...

Hi Peggy! I've been thinking about you lately. I want to share with your blog with a friend from Detroit. She loves Detroit so much & writes about it often. Also I wanted to share my new book with you. It's based on a true story I couldn't forget for 20 years - basically a story of one woman against corporate America, story took place in Meno. Falls. I'm trying to find someone to write a review about it for a Milw. paper but now I see you aren't here anymore! Oh well, write back if you feel like it! Gail Grenier Sweet

edwmrd said...

Hi Peggy.

You have one again inspired me through your blogs as you once did a few years ago in your yoga class at Alverno. To this day when i sit on my couch and watch my favorite movies I think to myself that i should be sitting on the floor. One of those things you said that have stuck with me all this time. I recently moved out of state too and am currently searching for inner peace and serenity. So when i came across your blog i was motivated to continue my journey.

Thank you.

I truly feel that your fun spirit is still with me.


peggy hong said...

hello gail and elizabeth! thanks for your comments. good luck w your book gail and congrats. elizabeth, thanks for remembering me and blessings on this transition. hope you're getting a few asanas in. p